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Pavankumar Nagaraj

I am a Senior Software Engineer in Test, with more than a decade of experience in automation tools like Selenium, Playwright, Protractor, and Puppeteer with Python, Java, and JS respectively.


I love to teach people about automation via youtube, blog posts, and training. Apart from this, I run marathons 5k and 10k.


Decade of experience comes with decades of tools, I worked with different tools like Selenium with Python and Java, Protractor with Javascript, Puppeteer with Javascript, Serenity with Java, Puppeteer with Python, Git, Cucumber BDD, Dockers, Jenkins, JUnit, TestNG, Pytest, Datadog, Splunk, AWS cloud.

My Story

I studied mechanical engineering and started working in the Software Testing field in 2012. That is when selenium was introduced to me by a friend. Then I started getting more interest in coding, and eventually, coding became a daily part of my life.

Post that I started working with various tools for web automation. Every company I worked have hired me to work on a tool that I never worked on before that is how I became good at Java, Python, Javascript, and a little Kotlin.

Depending on the situation I worked with tools and technologies not just in automation. Could be anything in general.

So I wanted to teach people, things that I have learned over the years.

Contact me over LinkedIn if you have any Queries: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pavankumarnagaraj/


I am planning to run a marathon in 2024. I completed a 30K run in February.

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